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Probate Pricing

Here at MD Law, we understand that dealing with probate can be an emotional as well as difficult time for our clients. We can help you every step of the way, from obtaining the Grant of Probate and collecting assets to distributing to beneficiaries.

Our fees are charged on an hourly basis, meaning that we only charge you for the actual time spent on the case. Our rates are as follows:
Senior lawyer/solicitor/Director £220.00 plus VAT
Associate Solicitor or equivalent £200.00 plus VAT
Assistant Solicitor/Legal Executive (FCILEX) £185.00 plus VAT
Trainee Solicitor/Member of CILEX £130.00 plus VAT
Legal administration assistant £100.00 plus VAT

All hourly rates are exclusive of VAT and disbursements.

We always like to meet with our clients at the outset so that we can give a more accurate idea of the costs involved with each particular case. Total fees usually start at around £2500 plus vat and disbursements but can vary drastically so we recommend that you come in and meet with us to discuss your circumstances.


Probate fee - £155.00 plus £1.50 per copy
Bankruptcy Searches - £2 per beneficiary
Public Notices (newspaper advertisement) – Between £300 and £700
Swearing of Oath – Between £5 - £15

Potential Additional Costs

Dealing with a sale or transfer of property – please see our conveyancing pricing
Income & Capital Gains Tax
Inheritance Tax
Tracing Services


The average timescale for a probate is within 10 -18 months although this can vary considerably depending on the Estate size and whether information is provided to us promptly. This estimate is based on us gathering information and filling out IHT forms, obtaining Grant of Probate, collecting assets and distributing the Estate.

Conveyancing Pricing

At MD Law, we like to keep our pricing fair and transparent for all of our clients and so we charge a fixed fee of £599 for a sale or purchase and charge additional fees for more complex cases. This means that if you have a very straightforward transaction the fee will only be £599 plus VAT plus disbursements


Our average cost for a purchase transaction is £749 plus VAT and disbursements.
Disbursements that would be applicable for a purchase transaction are:
Combined Search Pack - £95 including VAT
Coal Search - £42 including VAT (if applicable)
Land Registry searches - £3
Bankruptcy Searches - £2 per purchaser
CHAPS Bank charge - £15
Land Registry Fee – this fee is variable dependant on the purchase price
Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) or Land Transaction Tax (LTT) – variable depending on your circumstances

Download a working example ››


Our average cost for a sale transaction is £699 plus VAT and disbursements.
Disbursements that would be applicable for a sale transaction are:
Official Copies of the Register – usually £6 to £12
CHAPS Bank charge - £15

Download a working example ››


Typical fees for remortgage - £400 plus VAT of £80
Office copies and file plan - £6
CHAPS administration fee - £30 plus VAT of £6
Pre-completion searches OS1 - £3 per lender and bankruptcy searches £2 per person
CHAPS fee £12
Total for one individual remortgaging - £539

Land Registry application fee can vary typically from £20 to £250. Please see link: