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A little more about us

A little more about us

Amy Palmer

Amy is the firm’s Property Manager and manages our busy conveyancing department. Amy qualified as a Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives in 2007 and has many years’ experience in the property sector.

Amy has a wide knowledge of residential conveyancing with experience in Transfers of Equity, Remortgage cases, Freehold and Leasehold property and Lease Extensions.

Amy prides herself on providing a high standard of customer care and has received praise from clients about her excellent communication skills; adapting her approach to suit her clients and their needs.

Outside of work Amy enjoys spending time with her little boy, reading and socialising with family and friends.


What made you want a career in law?
Studying law and becoming a lawyer was something I have always felt drawn to. I had a very keen interest in the law from a very young age and in my teenage years would always tell the Careers Advisors that I was determined to become either a lawyer or a teacher. I found when studying at GCSE level I excelled academically in literacy, grammar and history which gave me a great foundation to move on to study law.

What made you chose to study through CILEX?
After my GCSEs I was disappointed that my secondary school would not be teaching Law at A-Level and so I left school and went to college to study the Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law (CILEX Part 1). I completed the course within a year and went on to study the Level 6 Professional Diploma in Law (CILEX Part 2).

CILEX was the perfect route to study as it enabled me to study part-time whilst I worked in a legal environment and gained practical experience. I cannot recommend studying through CILEX enough to anyone, particularly where you may feel you need to work alongside study. I graduated in Criminal Law, Probate, Land Law and Conveyancing and qualified as a Graduate Member of CILEX in 2007.

What interested you in property law?
Property Law was actually an area of law I had very little interest in before I began working in the area! Having an understanding of, and retaining information about, land law and property can be quite difficult if you do not have day to day practical experience in that field. Therefore, it wasn’t until I started working for a large conveyancing firm in 2005 that I really got to grips with the process and began to enjoy working in the property law environment. I was lucky enough to work for a firm that excelled at their employee training and, alongside studying through CILEX, this gave me a great foundation and wealth of knowledge of property law. As with anything as you get more experience and grow in confidence the work becomes a lot more enjoyable.

I’m naturally very organised person and I love structure. Property transactions are mainly very structured and, despite the complexities of some cases, the structure and the process side of property cases do not really change.

Since starting my career in property in 2005 I have worked in a couple of other legal fields; I spent two and a half years in a firm working in Personal Injury and Employment Law. Having gained experience in both contentious and non-contentious law I realised that I am far more comfortable in a non-contentious environment and I excel in areas such as Commercial Property, Property Litigation and Residential Conveyancing.

What are you most proud of?
Over my career I have worked in a property environment for over 15 years and I am particularly proud of the extensive skillset I now hold in relation to property matters, particularly the more complicated matters that arise. I am also proud of the position I have reached in my legal career and my ability to train others. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and training peers.

I am also proud of the feedback I have received from clients. It is important to understand that our clients may not have the knowledge and experience we have in relation to their case and the process which has to be followed and may not understand the reasons behind our investigations. By taking the time to explain the process to them, I have found that our clients can concentrate on enjoying the end goal, despite frustrating factors which may extend their expected timescales!

I do like to focus on the client feedback we receive at MD Law and I am incredibly proud that the feedback we are receiving shows that our clients are able to enjoy the experience of selling and buying their property.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I am currently focusing on furthering my studies and am hoping to advance my qualification from a Graduate of CILEX to a Fellow. I am also hoping that, should the market allow, I will be able to extend our property department at MD Law.

Helen Dickie

Helen is the managing director of the firm and joined MD Law to reform and restructure the business. Helen now heads the family and private client department and is situated in our new Whitchurch office.

Helen has 18 years of practising law. Helen specialises not only in family and private client matters but also in both residential and commercial property transactions.

Helen also works for a well-known legal training provider and is passionate about mentoring junior lawyers. Helen is CILEX qualified, as well as practising as a solicitor and has the PGCE qualification. Helen teaches CILEX and law courses to a wealth of students, some of whom she now has the pleasure of instructing in disciplines which are outside of her legal field.

Helen in her spare time, enjoys time with her family and cockapoo.

Helen has been acknowledged for maintaining and achieving best practice in the 2019 Parliamentary Review, the link of which can be clicked on below.

Parliamentary Review >

Want to know more about Helen?

What made you want to be a solicitor?
I left high school having not achieved many GCSEs and with low self-esteem. I had strong views in terms of what I perceived was fair and just in certain topics for discussion but never knew how I could use that talent in something worthwhile. My mother found me a job as an office junior working for a large South Wales law firm and I began working there when I was 16 years old. I became friends with some of the trainee solicitors (then Articled Clerks) and decided I wanted a job just like theirs, but realised I needed to go back to school.

What made you go back to education?
At a Christmas party, one of the highly respected equity partners told me she felt I was wasted in my current role, should go back to school, work hard to achieve my ambition and not let anything stop me.

Where did you study?
I attended College Glan Hafren (now Cardiff and Vale College) and resat my GCSEs. I then progressed to A levels and the University of South Wales where I have made lifelong friends, most of whom are now solicitors with their own practices.

What have you achieved in terms of qualifications?
I have not looked back in terms of sitting my exams. I qualified in the LLB (Hons) although I fell pregnant in my final year (which was not planned) of my law degree and then took a short break to look after my son. When he was a few months old I started working for another large law firm and began my CILEX journey, passed that and sat my LPC and qualified as a Solicitor.

What are you most proud of?
I am proud of my achievements. I am particularly proud that I sat my law degree finals with a three week old baby (although this was so tough), progressed and passed my CILEX and LPC with my second child a few years later and then decided I would also teach students.

Why did you decide to teach?
Having taught now for 12 years, I have realised that confidence is a big issue for students/delegates and as I struggled throughout school and couldn’t find a subject area that I particularly enjoyed (apart from French) that I would try and help trainee and junior lawyers achieve their goals.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I want to continue in the same vein; working hard and learning new things every day. Life in itself is a lesson and we meet some wonderful and not so wonderful people along the way. I am my own worst critic and I cannot stand to think that I would not achieve something that I absolutely set my mind to; I guess that’s why I have managed to get this far. I think it is fair to say anyone who knows me would agree that I am an extremely determined person.

Laura Bale

Laura joined the firm as a Legal Assistant in June 2018 after gaining 2 years’ experience with a local firm and has progressed to the position of Assistant Solicitor as of September 2020.

Laura studied her LLB at the University of South Wales and graduated in 2015 with an Upper Second-Class Honours degree (LLB Hons) and obtained a Distinction in the Legal Practice Course in June 2017.

Laura is involved within all areas of the practice including conveyancing, family and wills and probate.

Laura is also passionate about horses and enjoys competing in her free time.

Want to know more about Laura?

What made you want to be a solicitor?
For me there isn’t really a simple answer to that question; I just did and always have done. I think mostly and, whilst it is a cliché to say that you want to become a solicitor to help people, that is what attracted me.

Solicitors solve people's problems for them. For example, a client may say that they want a divorce but are unsure what steps they need to take. We help them achieve that by advising on the best way, helping them do it and always in a sympathetic manner. It may get lost in litigation as you find yourself negotiating in their best interest but you are in reality working towards a solution for someone.

Where did you study?
Whitchurch High School and University of South Wales.

What have you achieved in terms of qualifications?
LLB (Hons)
Legal Practice Course
Qualified as a solicitor Sept 2020.

What are you most proud of?

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Hopefully progress to a partner/director.

Laura Brewer

Laura started working for MD Law in June 2021 as a part-time Legal Assistant, supporting both the firm’s family and private client teams. Laura passed her A Levels, including law, in June 2021 with great success.

Laura is on her gap year and is working with us to gain a deeper and professional knowledge of the legal profession, whilst saving money before she starts her LLB Law degree at university in September 2022.

Laura enjoys going on long walks in the countryside, swimming in the sea in all kinds of weather and spending time with all of her friends and family. Her favourite time of year is autumn; she describes it as the “prettiest time of the year”.

Lucy Williams

Lucy is a consultant lawyer and a Chartered Legal Executive. She has worked as MD Law’s employment lawyer for several years.

Lucy is an invaluable part of the firms infrastructure and deals with both employment matters on behalf of the Employer or Employee.

Talia Atkins

Talia works with MD Law as a consultant solicitor in the firm’s property team. Talia has over 20 years of experience as a commercial property lawyer and specialises in commercial acquisitions and disposals, commercial, mixed use and residential development, and landlord and tenant matters.

Talia enjoys reading autobiographies and has a keen interest in fine art.

Mary Minton

Mary has been qualified for over 35 years as a solicitor and specialises in family law and is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. Mary, in particular, has substantial experience with divorce and separation and any subsequent financial implications. She takes a sympathetic approach and comes highly recommended by her former and existing clients.

Mary also specialises in probate matters.

In her spare time Mary likes to walk her dogs and spend time with her family, especially her granddaughter.

Arya & Toby


Arya is the newest member of our team and is currently undertaking her studies in puppy classes. She is an expert in her field of playing, chasing and tail wagging.

For all your puppy enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Arya.


Toby is an existing member of MD Law’s team and welcome’s Ayra!

Toby is most happiest when working along side the staff and greeting clients when appropriate to do so…